Forbidden Love

Love, so close it strikes the heart in the heart of a crowd

No one’s seen it but the pain screams at the tip of loud

Tears shed from the knife held at hand

Don’t want the pain but the love flows like pouring sand


Pain and love united as one how can this all can be true

I guess the apple was good and evil and digested a whole in two

It hurts to love but pains to unlove a knife held towards my side

If this is the greatest then what is the least a law the heart abides


Look in my eyes what do you see a crave for love that hurts

A divine kiss that walked away watch my bleeding shirt

Up hold the heart that cupid shot then snatched his arrow clean

I laughed it off an unhonest cry the pain the sunlight’s beam.


Don’t love again you’ll only cry don’t let them see those eyes

I turn my head




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