Forbidden Fairytale


She’s the girl, the one who always believed in fairytales,

Escaping to new lands as her imagination set sail.

She believed in fairies and mean short trolls…

…the ones that hid under the bridges and asked for toll.

The dragons were real as they were festive and loyal,

The castles were vast as they held families who were royal.

In all her heart she believed in handsome princes,

She wanted to be a princess in a short instance.

She believed in wicked creatures that could destroy,

Even in the creatures that are sly and coy.

Away from reality is where her imagination took her,

Naïve she is and oh so pure.

From summer to autumn the seasons changed,

Off in this land where feelings weren’t feigned.

The giants were mighty and half the size of mountains!

Hidden away in secrets was the youthful fountain.

The meadows were perfect just for thinking,

Up on the moon a little boy was always sleeping.

This land was a place for her to escape,

Away from the terrible shadows she wished were fake.

Away from where the sun didn’t shine,

Where it was dark and when the stars were dying.

Away from always feeling unwanted,

Away from where her heart nearly rusted.

Where reality was nightmares,

And the stormy sky brought despair.

Through empty hope she went through desolation,

Before she entered this land with imagination.

She survived when the ice crystals formed,

Creating a safe haven to wait out the icy storm.

The harsh words were uttered for her to “wake up,”

Eyelids snapping open and whimpering like a pup.

She hated this moment that had to be destroyed,

Her wishes and heart always liked to toy.

With a reluctant “okay.” she sat up once more,

Like a monotone robot she walked out of the door.

Into reality she began to walk to school,

Dreading the moment her classmates would treat her like a fool.

Only seven more hours she whispered a loud:

 "And I can go back to my land and they’ll be proud."

She bit her lip and held her tears as the teasing began,

She’d endure the taunting only if she could return to her land.


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