Foolish Lines of Ink


90 Camelot
United States
42° 48' 56.7144" N, 78° 43' 59.25" W

I mark my skin with lines and shades of ink.

I highlight my skin not to be a thug, rebel, or a pain.

I do so to show my story, my virtues, my stains, and my gains.

No matter the color black, red, or pink, my story lives on by my ink.



I walk out every day to get discriminated, decimated, and interrogated.

Only because, my story is not hid from all, but engraved on me for all to see.

This does not make a person inferior, or defective - it’s just me.

Just because a person is different, doesn't mean you're obligated to become infuriated.



Now next time you see someone only skin deep, just stop and think.

Tattoos are more than just foolish lines of ink, don't you think.



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