Right now it’s creeping in.

Everythings gonna be ok.

You’re not fat ..

Sure , soy sauce , peanut butter and goat cheese make a great 


Hey , this feels kind of ok .

Yeah it kind of does.

Ok , just one more pill.

who can I call?

Nope I’m not going to drive 

Really though, not so bad here .

Im a fine example.

Just shut up and sleep.

People count on you .


Hey , at least I don’t drive.

I don’t drink either.

Yep , sober.

Is that night time cough syrup ?

what!!!!! I’ve never heard of self medication.

Go to sleep fool. 

You’re too lit to be working a frying pan . 

The Ambien home sick blues.

Sober ...... maybe  one day.....

Swear, I’ll eat that whole cake with a gallon of milk:

No problem here.

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