the fool

our eyes met in January.

i obviously smirked, very

wary about his intentions.

my smile in april had multiple dimensions,

i began to accept him and the confusion,

my happiness was no longer an illusion.


before we met i always worked

and my sadness always lurked

in the pages of homework i had.

really i felt that i was going mad,

senioritis seemed more attractive,

then this boy showed up, radioactive.


he said i was smart

a beautiful work of art

and suddenly i wanted to keep going.

i felt as if i was glowing,

when he spoke to me

it was like i was drinking warm tea.


i called him a fool for having feelings

that his heart was one of weaklings.

but i didn't tell him that he inspires my success,

that my valedictorian speech is meant to impress

him and everyone i know

goodness, the fool has turned me into Poe!



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