For the Fool

Anger is built up in me so!
So much that my heart
Is hurting to break
The bones and organs and soul
Of a fool who believes themself so bad.
They think they are hard and right
In exploiting people they dislike
For reasons maturity would solve.
But fools are lost
To ignorance of not knowing
That some people do not just talk
But stand up and call the fool out.
But the fool runs, the fool never walks.
Fools know not
That their energy is wasted away
But fools are afraid.
They know the wrong they do
Will in time produce
The wrong reaction,
The one they knew was on its way.
Reality is a fist to the face.
It is a bruise. It’s not just a broken face
But a broken heart deserved not by the fool
But for the defender of respect
The line was crossed thoughtlessly
Because fools do not think.
Except that they can get away with anything.
Petty fool know this,
Reality may be at a distance,
She may not be in your midst for now
But reality does not hide
She is cunning and she knows how
To take you down to a place
You mocked and now
Have found yourself locked into.
The fool will cry and wish
She had not talked
Or tried to be so bad,
She will pray for another chance.
And the good God knows mercy.
So the fool will become free
Claiming the responsibility their own
For getting out of everything.
Oh wretched fool, again you must know
It is a cycle that will end eventually in
A place where chances do not exist.
So change your ways.
Learn right and wrong and humility
And the words of sincere apologies.
For these will keep you out of trouble
With those like me that learn,
With fools what is earned
Will be had by hand and burned.


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