A Follower

                                                                  He is there.

Just to copy

I move, hoping

He does not see me

But he moves.

He is everywhere. What should I do with this follower of mine?

Is he an enemy? Plotting my doom. Knowing my every move.

                        No. He can't                                                                            be such a killer.

                        Who is                                                                                       this shaded man.

                        Perhaps,                                                                                      a coward.

                        Hiding                                                                                        his eyes.

                        Masking                                                                                     his face.

                        Covering                                                                                    his ears.

                      Much ashamed                                                                          of his actions.

                                                What should I do with this follower of mine?

                                            Or he is perhaps a prisoner. Sentenced to follow me

                                                For eternity, with no hope to escape. To climb

                                                Out of the walls.               A lonely sentence.

                                                Only him behind               Those endless bars.

                                                Perhaps, he is a                  friend. Someone

                                                   To stand with                       me, even in

                                                Great failure.                           Not a foe.

                                                Not a prisoner.                                    But a friend. 

                                    A good one at that.                              A friend to keep.




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