Follow Your Dreams!

"Follow your dreams!" they say.

But how do they expect us to do this

When we are meant to fit into the

Cookie-cutter mold that they have made for us.

I can't be expected to follow my dreams

When I am also expected to have a part-time job,

Go to school for six plus hours a day,

Do at least two hours worth of homework,

And do other projects outside of all of this mess.


"Follow your dreams!" they say.

"As long as they include college,

Or some other form of training.

Because you are nothing without a degree.

Because you can't do anything without one."


"Follow your dreams!" they say.

"As long as they are worthwhile.

As long as they let you live comfortably,

With a respectable, reasonable job,

With the newest cell phone,

And a perfect-looking family."


"Follow your dreams!" they say.

"But not if your dream is stupid.

Unattainable by our standards.

Definitely not if it makes you happy.

Because if you're truly happy,

All of the rest of us will tear you down,

Because we are miserable,

And you are not."


"Follow your dreams!" they say.


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My community
My country
Our world
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