Folie a deux


Being faithful to the biggest lies,

spoiled by delusions and corrupted ties.

Shallow shared psychosis belief,

highly specialist identity thief.

Psychiatric syndrome media charm,

everybody has to have it with no harm.

Puppeteers providing the mediocre script,

rewarding richly those who become the perfect fit.

Maintaining depressing news to fit he bill,

keeping suspiciousness as highlights frill.

Paranoia or grandiose delusion,

issues of inferior intrusion.

Never been thought to think independent,

always needing a superintendent.

Democratic values without sense,

then all of them cannot be so dense.

Symbolized images by false statistic,

corrupted marketing to be disruptive.

Worshipping famous pretences values,

resignation by deeds greatest news.

Implanted mentality for a title,

fear controlled genocidal.

Ignorance the only evil that exist,

the power in charge for the better insist.

Deluded facts in command,

deceived in youth conscious disband.

The act has been defined,

doubting is the criminal intent.

Those whom their individuality fails,

seek refuge in community bails.

The manipulated guilty conscience,

robs the will of power audacious.

One virtue can stand against a thousand vices,

not needing any hypertension phrases.







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