Focused Realization.


It's always been an incomplex task.

Yet somehow it never changes.

Always piecing together aimless thoughts and picking through the tantamount subjects for something feasible.

Incorporating some form of angst no matter how difficult this failed daughter of nobody tried not to.

She'd given up for a time, the only things in her world that truly mattered had no soul to them.

It was not what she had hoped for, shattered memories of a broken heart rang true with every beat.

Midnight sets in and the retentiveness of all her mistakes carves into the depths of her entire being.

A cold distance separating the truth from the fears became the air she recycled.

Plastic smiles and fake laughter became as effortless as walking.

Waiting until there was nobody around to let all of the emotion out at once.

Then again, was there ever really anybody there?

Dad was essentially a random encounter from a DnD game and Mom's always had the drive to keep going so fast that she could never slow down.

The one who had her heart walked off into the sunset and never came back.

No amount of self inflicted pain, overpriced drinks or tender kisses and cuddles makes any of those feelings really go away.


So naturally, coming back seemed like the right thing to do though.

Lost in this desert sea of emptiness, she wonders if things will change.

Time passes on and the world moves along day by day.

The inspiring words of he who once brought heartache settle into your brain.

The plastic begins to finally melt away and for the first time, she sees the intense hue of colors all around.

All of them showing her divine elegance in a brand new light.

Darkness' hold is broken at long last.

Tear pouring sobs eventually turn into fits of giggling as something makes itself perfectly clear.

She has always been beautiful and everything is truly okay.


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