Flying With The One


He finds me no matter where I am,

Lost in the dark, the epitome of ugly despair,

Or soaring on the backs of winged seraphs.

He is my King of Kings, my Lord of Lords, and my best friend.

I cry out in anguish

and he answers me lovingly.

I find him on the radio, in the breeze, in my soul.

                                                                        “The Lord will never leave you nor forsake you”

These words float off the page dripping with holy essence.

He lifted me from the watery graveyards and from the clutches of the unnamed.

“Oh God, you are my god, and I will ever praise you.”

Writhing in agony, laughing with mirth, never letting me fall too far.

And as I swing on those wings of silk,

Nothing would dare take my Father away. 


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