Fly Swatter

Petrified flies swaying in the altar

Exasperating fly swatters roaming around the safehouse

Perilous sprays to keep them away

Sprays that only enhanced the flies to make them stronger

Good old fashion swatters pushed away

Keeping them gone, keeping the swarm in


Toxins are welcome

We welcomed them into our “holy” place

Keen sharp moves to lurk in the shadows

Falling for the sweet smell of toxin

Throttled by the “unexpecting” smell

Those petrified flies became potent flies


Swarms of flies’ immune to the spray taking over what never was never theirs

Where oh where did the swatters go

Is it too late for them to join us once more

Ask if it is too late for you

You allowed the flies to roam the altar

All I can say is take your authority back

This poem is about: 
My community


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