Fly High

Nothing could of stopped him, once the decision was made.

Not even our prayers, could he see all the pain?

Maybe that's not the question, maybe he felt things so deep.

That he did what he had to, to let our butterfly free.

The gratification, its eternal, you suffer no more.

And I'll forever be thankful for the skies, may you soar.

Though the emptiness is constant and the tears often fall,

I'll remember you taught me to keep my head & stand tall.

The regrets I have few, Though I'm relentlessly praying,

for one last chance to love you, to hold you, hear you singing.

For the time that we had I'll forever be grateful.

Through lessons, the smiles, the memories & strength,

there's no better angel God could choose to take.

So peacefully your sleeping and so happy I am.

So happy and hungry to make you proud in the end.

Fly high my beautiful butterfly~


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