I wanna let me thoughts flow,

From my mind, to the page, I'm just tryna let you all know

That I'm fucked up in the head,

My happiness is dead,

It left with the bestie...

Life's really starting to test me.

When I think things are going right, the universe decides to make a sharp left on me.

I can't wait to see what God has left for me,

Because the life I face now is not the best for me.

I mean, I'm thankful for everything my God has given me,

And all the wrong I've done, He's forgiven me.

But I'm not happy, I haven't been for a minute.

Everything I struggle with, I wish I could forget it.

But I can't.

I'm not the same Lex that I was in January,

I'm not the same Squish that I was, and it's kinda scary.

All my thoughts are fucking imaginary,

At least, I think so.

But then again, why let the crazy bitch's thoughts be let go...

Why let the world hear the insanity that rungs through my mind,

When they can't even comprehend their own thoughts half of the time?

Why try to bless them with the curse I've been given,

When I can turn my curse into my own blessing and start living!

If I gave them the power to get inside of my head,

They would manipulate my thoughts, and I'll end up dead.

I'll kindly pass on the ribbon cutting to my mind,

And you'll just have to wonder what I'm thinking all the time.

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This is really nice! I find myself dealing with a lot that you talked about here. Your writing is very fluid and flows very well.. flowetry was a great title. I'm glad I found this poem, it gave me hope. Thanks. Wishing you brighter days ahead..

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