Flowers To My Father

This Goes Out To All The Children That Grew Up Without A Father Figure In There Life…


See I Remember When My Father Said He Would Be Right Back Home,

But Without Me Realizing He Just Left Me Alone,

How Without Him I Would Never Have A Home,

But Every Time I Called He Would Never Pick Up His Phone,

I Mean You Were The One I Could Always Depend On,

But When You Left All Those Feelings Just Left They’re All Gone,

Even To This Day I Still Hope You Would Comeback,

Like Can You Make Your Lie Into A Cold Hard Fact!

I Mean You Had More Kids Than Just Me,

And You Did The Same To Them As If I Couldn’t See!

I Mean Before I Used To Wanna Grow Up To Be Like You,

But The Same Mistakes That You Did I Will Never Do!

Because In The 3rd Grade All The Pain You Created Finally Settled In,

But To All My Friends I Still Show That Fake Grin,

I Don’t Think It’s Possible To Wash Away All The Pain You Caused Emotionally,

But I Still Try To Hide All The Scars & Pains you Caused Me Internally,

So This Is The Eulogy For All You Done To Me,

This Is The Last Time I’m Ever Gonna Think Or Even See,

Dad Thank You For The Everlasting Scars That You Left Behind,

I Didn’t Know That All These Overwhelming Problems Would Align,

But For All This Your Death Bed Is Set In Stone In My Mind,

Cause Your Sentence Is Life For This Heinous Crime,

So I’m Finally Taking Dad Or Father Out Of My Vocabulary,

So All The Weight You Put On Me I Wouldn’t Have To Carry,

These Are Your Flowers To Finally Prove This Is Where Our Relationship Ends,

Just Know This Is Where I’ll Never Come To You Again...



This poem is about: 
My family


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