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Author: Tangie Harris

Title: Flowers

Look out there, what do you see?

Hopefully within that garden I see a particular flower for me.

A handsome flower, with roots

Roots that could potentially carry the seeds of me.

Wait! This Flower must be a blessing

That needs no help with dressing, addressing, and will do no messing!

To pass time ,I patiently go through some flowers of the garden

Smelling them & peeping them just to see if I should even pardon.

By saying- “Pardon me Mr. Flower, are you my blessing??”

In mid-sentence the sun stopped me with its powerful glisten by saying…

“Ms. Flower excuse me he has something missing! If I were you, I would keep walking, please listen…”

“Your flower is being molded into someone great!...

“But I will not let you grow with him until everything is right!”

“So you my child, must wait!”

I stopped smelling those roses, now I’m checking my own pedals…

Building the foundation for my potential garden

Making sure my flower is mentally, physically, and spiritually well, so that my soul’s soil won’t harden!

I know Mr. Sun is preparing my flower to be so magnificent; he has to do this process steady…

I just have to make sure that when he finishes…

I will be an amazing flower myself & I too will be ready. 

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I hope you all enjoy this piece, this poem is meant to help us young women recognize our worth, and to wait for love. Don't settle for any type of young man, allow life and love to bring you the right companion for you.

- Promoting love and Peace...


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