Flower Petals

He loves me 

He loves me not 

He loves me 

He loves me not 


Thought we were meant to be

Guess i was wrong

Stole my heart 

Stolen art 

Heist of the century 

But you got caught 

How can love 

Hurt so much 


Sun then clouds then 

Rain then thunder 

Water’s rising

We’re going under 


I’m drowning 

Drowning in my tears 

Drowning in your lies 

You just left me here

To die

Fade away

Forget your name


Took my heart

Ripped it out

Chewed it up

Spit it out

But i swallow my pride and take it

Hoping one day you’ll realize


Until then I pick petals off flowers

Perfect storm of hurt

I just thought it might have been worth

The waiting, the pining


He loves me 

He loves me not

He loves me 

He loves me not


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