A Flower That Blooms In The Dark

I am a broken being
a bleeding beautiful soul
built by hatred
hurt by words
but that's not all
I carry the weight of the world on my shoulders
 my heart rattles around in my chest
I can't seem to find the missing pieces
at night insomnia  knocks on my door
I hide beneath quilts and pillows
thinking they will protect me from the monsters in my room
but I keep forgetting that they too are in my head
 I have a disorder called social anxiety 
It makes it hard to fit in at school
I do all my work quietly
but I only leave myself looking like a fool
 I make it through the cafeteria slander
even through the haunting hallways of high school
I try to pay attention to all of my lessons
but it's hard when you're living with depression
darkness tries to swallow me whole
it corners me in the depths of my soul
 and keeps me caged like a blue cockatoo
never allowed to expand her wings in the skies
or even learn to take flight before the sun sinks and dies
I'm restricted in a world of opportunity
searching for the explanation of life
wanting the will of unity
But pinned by the silver tip of a knife
It may seem like there is no hope
when you live in the dark
but darling I've found beauty in the night
despite the negativity sent by the devil
I've received positivity brought by the man above
I was planted by seeds of love
Enabling me to bloom
despite the darkness that loomed
I found light in life
the beauty in land
Comfort in sound 
But the best thing to find
Was a pen and paper
I found what I could define
And that was myself
A dreamer 
A writer
A singer
An author
I am a rose
Pretty at sight 
And shielded by thorns
I am a blooming human being
Who has found what she's long searched for
For her every meaning
For her forever purpose
I am a poet
And God I know it
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