A Flower Afraid to Bloom


United States

A flower afraid to bloom

scared of what might come her way

so she's forced to stay

in a cramped up place in the dirt she calls her room.


Never does she leave

for she can't bare rejection

from others that reject her from selection

She is tought to believe.


She is tought to believe she is not good enough

She's different but she's trying

even though on the inside she's crying.

the criticism she hears can sometimes be rough.


She seems to feel like everytime she starts to bloom

The rain doesn't help her, it drowns her

It makes sure she can't be the flower that makes her

instead becomes something she's not and lives in gloom.


Soon enough she'll become dormant.

She'll hide away or do something worse like not live

Because she now feels she has nothing left to give

She can no longer live with uneccessary torment.

This poem is about: 
My community
Our world


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