The Floodgates

This was born of saturation - a heavinessThat has saddled the heart of heavenThe weight from months of toilOf fury, erstwhile unimaginedNow yielding, by instalmentA tear here, two drops thereWhat was that? Can you smell God's tears?Hear the pitter-patter, the rushed endeavor?The deafening applause?What unrelenting performance!Now what happened to our reserves?I sense a lull, a sweeping breeze, a hushI look out, then I'm wonderstruckThis is a fullness beyond satiety!Did you hear the belch? Yes, that belch!It is not the aftermath of a well-deserved supper, noIt is rather the burp of blocked drainage and black gutter waterIssuing forth pure-water sachets and used pet bottles - the products of our carelessness.Hey! Look! Aren't those my slippers dancing on the water over there?Hurry! Go get them before they travel far!Ah! The floodgates of heaven have openedEarth has drunk beyond its fillWe are all afloatEither for good or for bad 

This poem is about: 
My country


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