She smiles

He jokes

She brushes the hair away from her face

Finding any excuse to make eye contact

Either way the glances don’t seem to last

Not long enough to satisfy her craving

A craving to study him

Quirky smile

Gleaming eyes

Nervous laughter


An acward silence

She wishes it to last forever

The silence saves her from humility

Standing closer at every chance

Her purposeful, accidental brushes against his arm

She hates the sound of her own laughter

It seems to never end

Does it sound as tedious to him?

The conversation has holes

But they are filled with admiring looks

Every second making a new discovery about one another

Whether it be how she is embarrassed by her height

She will slightly slouch

Or his obvious attempts to flaunt complicated words

Or mature mannerisms

The discovering is the greatest part

She wishes to move closer

To feel the warmth of his lips against hers

To forget about life itself

If only for a moment

She thinks if only she can spark his desire

She will keep on discovering

Laughing and smiling forever

The thought is shattered with nervousness

She cannot brave a first kiss

He steps away from her side

She realizes her chance has passed

Feeling defeated she retreats

Until his smile brings her to her feet

A hug will have to be enough

The night still young

She will only go home to dream

To feel the butterflies slowly

But finally leave her

And she settles down in her bed

Hoping it’s not only in her head.


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