Mon, 02/03/2014 - 13:12 -- Aerial



stick a torpedo in my vein
bang bang shoot it up destiny
a spoonful if mud or rock
cock-a-doodle-doo in a rooster vox
butterflies kiss in mid air
my head is throbbing
and not the good one
the one that hurts not squirts
I've never known a transvestite
that didn't get lipstick all over itself
or wore the right size girdle or tits
I waffle about waffles I'll give you that
self help books should come with a self
nevermind The Help they shit in chocolate pies
risque biscuits are risky business
I've buttered more than a few
as a protagonist once exclaimed twice
my heart skipped a beat and felt like it swallowed
it was scary just the same a famished heart
a spiral staircase that leads to nowhere
would be a long vacation
crimson carnations garnet flavored
Aquarius let the sunshine in
Windex works well when wiped wet
"screw you" said the light bulb with verisimilitude
too loud
so I flipped him off



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