Flight of the Impatient Snowflake

"Flight of the Impatient Snowflake" by Naomi Wallerson

Snowflakes fall outside the window
Racing each other to the ground
Becoming one as they reach the end
The end of their flight from the sky to the ground

Shimmering sparkling snowflakes
A beauty to watch in their process
Doing arabesques and pliés through the grey of the day
I love watching it sway its hips in this way.. I can't even begin to say..
How much it intrigues me

I watched the moon whisper to the clouds last night
Conspiring on how they'll be making you
Shaping you into you
Making you into you

Oh baby snowflake don't let the wind guide your journey
Oh baby snowflake , you're flying so high
Oh baby snowflake , now you're movin too fast
Oh baby snowflake, don't you wanna make this season last ?

Surpassing all the others was your plan
I know it
But if you move too fast your life will pass by too quick
I told it .. To stop.

Oh grey clouds, defy the odds of gravity
The laws of physics
The natural way of nature
The cycle of life

Pull me back up into your comfort
Let me remain there before you let me out,  Into the cold, vicious world
The wind always tries to blow me down towards the ground
Can I fly back up high ?

Oh grey clouds, let me back in.
I'm falling
Fluttering through the sky through the grey of the day
Trying to find my way without the wind telling me.

Oh baby snowflake, don't die at the hands Of the relentless wind
Once you reach the zenith in the sky,
Hold on to every string of time,
Never let go,
Don't die at the hands of the relentless wind

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My family
My community
My country
Our world
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