Fleeting Memories of Spiraling Ink

Tick, tock, tick as the wheels of motion flicker

Each nerve formulating extraordinary ideas for my poetry

Inspiration falls down to the smooth, dry surface;

Crumbing under my fingers

As the spiraling ink flows from one end of the world to the other,

While bring untold stories toward the aging pages

Memories drill through the temporal lobe in my mind

Falling down the dark and rocky tunnel;

Stumbling nervously as I try to follow the perplexing underpass

Putting pen to paper pulls me,

Into a world I thought I would never venture

A world of clashing, frustrating and uncontrollable emotions

The micro particles of each spec of duct suffocate the very memories,

Fabricating emotions I don’t even comprehend

Memories of an unforgettable smile

Impetuously laughing at his hilarious puns

From one of my best friends in the universe

And the warm embrace of that one special aunt

Who you do anything for,

Just to make her happy

Forces me to have an unquenchable thirst to write.












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