My power to change the world with endless possibilities:

to fly or love or fix or mend, all with effortless ease.

What I would do to change the world, if it started new?

I would have you see you’re beautiful.

Yes reader, even you.


Your nose, your eyes, your toes, your brow, in a beautiful design.

Our being the same yet vastly unique, a magnificent intertwine.

We cake on the layers one by one, and hide it from the world.

Our zits, our flaws, our past heartache

kept masked and tightly furled.


But with my wish a freedom abounds, its new and raw and light.

People will walk with heads held high, and smiles glittering bright.

The beauty from the soul will glow and radiate on out,

you will love you for who you are.

Absolutely, without a doubt.


We may not agree or see eye to eye. But this is beauty too!

For every heart that beats today, can teach us something new.

When the mirror screams its lies, when the TV steals your joy

it’s my wish to have you see

inner beauty not destroyed.


If I changed the world, I’d change your heart. That voice inside your head.

I’d throw in a dash of confidence, and proclaim your shame is dead.

I’d wash out vanity, pride and jealousy. I’d lavish you in Love.

I’d announce to you, “You’re valuable,

passionately adored from above.”


Your cracks and flaws are wonderful, every inch uniquely you.

You sometimes don’t believe it though, it’s hard to see what’s true.

We breathe, we smile, we run, we laugh; we have a common heart.

We are all great masterpieces.

We are beautiful works of art.



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