Flaws or Blessings?


"Four eyes", "big forehead", all the things that my haters said.

"Big lips", "big nose to", thought I was cute, they like "who told you?"

"You ugly", "you aint cute" , on the boys list get rate two, "your clothes are wack it aint Polo", so at lunch time I'm sitting solo. 

Momma said not to care about 'em, but when you with 'em everyday it's all you hear up out 'em,

now I'm fighting for my strength and I'm losing the battle, now I'm sinking in my sorrow and I cant even paddle, damn.

Now I'm working hard to impress pigeons,

blowing all my birthday money on some "True Religion" .

Gotta have namebrands because I'm tryna' be down, and then it clicked, "I'm working hard to fit in with the clowns."

I ain't tryna' be like you, or you, or him , I'ma be the one to shine , while y'all stay so dim.

So I dusted myself off, and I got off the ground, amazed with my inner beauty and the things that I found.

You see I gotta big forehead, for a big brain, got four eyes so I could see the fame, got big lips so you can hear my name, and I got a big nose to support my frames.

So I encourage you just to think again, about the beauty you posses that's deep within.

Let it illuminate your skin, like an X-Ray and then pick up your head and look towards a better day.


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