Flaws Are Not for the Faint of Heart


Every girl dreams of the perfect life,

Getting paid to smile or being a trophy wife.

I think we want it easy, but that is not our call,

We want to erase any chance that we may fall.

The girls who are perfect, with perfect hair, and perfect size,

Look strong on the outside, but are weakness in disguise.

I magazines we see what they want us to see,

Airbrushes and editors wipe away true beauty.

Flawless girls are weak because flawless girls are fiction,

Like a cardboard tower trying to withstand friction.

They're emaciated and starving in order to look the part,

They torture their bodies in attempt to heal their heart.

"If I was just prettier,"

"If I was just skinnier,"

We chase after a solution that can never be satisfied,

just to be like the girls who really die inside.

Flaws are not for the faint of heart,

Nor for the girls who can only look the part.

Flaws cannot be handled by the staged, perfect shot,

So refocus your perspective for your negative thought.

You are strong, you are fierce, and you are incredible,

Because you can bear what makes celebrities tremble.

If they get a blemish, stars cancel their day,

While you use confidence to blow others away.

Better to make memories than to be skinny with no life,

I guarantee that losing two sizes will not end your strife.

Embrace your so called "flaws" by remembering one thing is true,

If everyone was perfect, you wouldn't be you.

No talents or interests would set you apart,

You would have no significance in being so smart.

Flaws are not for everybody,

Only for those who can handle true beauty. 





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Mr. ScholarshipWinner

I hope this isn't for the flawless scholarship because if so I just lost :). 

toni has trauma

haha my exact thoughts! But if it is, this poem totally deserves it :)




I shared this on Twitter, simply because I thought this was beautiful.

Boring Jordan

I loved it!



Oh my gosh this was so GOOD! I loved it! Simply amazing! 


major respect for you. im impressed, and probably not going to bother doing the flawless scholarshipsinc eive obiviously lost lol

Bella swan



Your poem captured all the things that the girls in todays world, Perfectly. I loved reading it. Good job!!!

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