Flaws and All

Flaws and All


They say,"Just make sense of it all".

When all I see is confusion.

I let these pieces fall where they may until I'm disillusioned.

They say just make CENT$ with it all, while living in ajn impoverish nation cheering on my fail!

Piece by piece there's a beauty in this dismay - a point to prevail; a determined seizing of my days!

It's all okay because I'm flawless anyway!

Maybe the objective should be to attain more than my predecessors, to build on a foundation of their indescretions. 

but..It's all okay because I'm flawless anyway! 

Maybe the plan is in believing all that I sense within.

Making method with the madness.

Cultivating emotional distress into epic success!

It's all okay because I'm flawless anyway!

Reconstructing the pathology of sick and sadness with my random pieces!


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