Flawlessly Flawed


I would never claim to be without flaws.

Perfecion is but an idealistic concept,

it does not exist.

So to say one is without flaws is ignorant.

For one to claim themsef as flawless is a flaw in and of itself.

Once must learn to accept the existence of his or her imperfections,

then they may be irradicated.

I do not hide my handicaps, I look for thier vulnerable or their opportunistic side. 

Overcomming difficulties, triumphing in the face of disabilities,

this is as close as one can know perfection.

But alas, the infinite strive for triumph finds perfection as its asymptote.

As there is no way that one can render him or herself void of all flaws,

but one can learn to cope with them.

I find my flaws and exercise them from my system to the best of my abilty and thensome.

It is how I approach my flaws that brings me ever closer to perfection,

I approach them flawlessly.


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