Flawlessly beautiful

Thu, 12/04/2014 - 04:15 -- Alisem1


Love for ones self is the most purest love of all, I can count on myself, even when I fall, Because I know I'll be there for me, standing tall. I am flawlessly beautiful... My eyes, my teeth, my chubby looking cheeks. Gorgeous from my head, down to my feet. Delicate but vicious all in one, I stay humble, I appreciate life, positivity running through my lungs, I love how I'm one of a kind, With a creative mind, There's nothing wrong with being unique, There's nothing wrong with giving yourself time, No need to pretend, just to have friends, Because the real ones stay close until the very end, I am flawlessly beautiful, It took my whole childhood to figure this out, Now my self esteem is higher then the clouds, I will always be me, nothing will ever change, for anyone who doesn't like it... well... Your no where near my range, Don't you know negativity is bad for your brain, I have peace with myself, Never pitiful....I'm just flawlessly beautiful....


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