Flawless Through My Eyes


Me... I am flawless.

I am the definition of flawless from head to toe. Beauty queen and a model whose runway is her room.

Monday through Friday her audience is her entire school.

Through my eyes, I'm not Mrs.Universe but instead Mrs.Galaxy.

I am not perfect and I am not a Victoria's Secret model.

My crooked toes and bitten finger nails say I'm flawless in my own way.

I am be selfish and conceded but that is not at all a bad thing!

The camera loves me and the flash is the only thing i can ever see.

People only hate me for one thing... that is because i am beautiful and flawless.

My nails are done, straightened or natural my hair is always perfect.

I'm the girl who has her own paparazzi chasing her around her home town.

I am the country girl who wears Jordans and then switches to five inch platform heels.

Girls hate and the guys drool and because I'm perfectly flawless.

As a matter of a fact, this is just my confidence speaking and that is what makes me flawless.

Through my own eyes I am flawless and beautiful.

Flawless I am.



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