Flawless self

My 6'1" figure has enough curve for me, my booty has gotten very toned and muscular since I started physical therapy for my ACL, my boobs are a good size, noticeable in a sports bra. My stomach flat when I lay down, my face straight when I'm calm, my jaws clenched.

As easy as it is to convince myself that my physical images is flawless it's not as easy for me to do that with my mental image.

Others are what make you flawless. Without others how would you know that the person looking back at you in the mirror is yourself?

Without others I would live ignorantly in a world that has so much to offer.

I've learned that looks aren't the only thing a person has to offer, they also have a mind, minds need to be spoken, and speakers need to be heard.

Tolerance of others differences is a big deal, with tolerance comes enlightenment, with enlightenment comes acceptance, and with acceptance comes common ground.

I've also learned that equality is something that is not as common as I use to believe. That is to say that my childish perspective of the world is slowly being picked apart as I continue to grow and that's okay, because it has now given me some insight into what the world has to offer.

Ending my questioned belief of God in the Catholic religion a little more than a decade ago was the best thing I ever did for me. Now I believe in the search for happiness and so far the search is going well.

Abstract ideas such as love, liberty, the pursuit of happiness, justice, evil, good, normal, weird, are the ideas that would receive a million different definitions from a million different people. If you let people teach you their way of that idea it will probably teach you more than college alone will.


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