Flawless Scholarship Slam Poem

"Hard work beats talent when talent dosn't work hard."

A quote from the superstar Kevin Durant entering his rookie season.


You push so long and feel as if nothing is moving forward,

Yet you realize that sometimes you must move backward,

The "weakest" people can push further than the "strongest",

The shortest have their heads held higher than the tallest,

I am your average human being just like the rest,

I'm not here to say I'm the best,


There's a difference between you and I,

I see things from two perspectives,

One eye catches the ideas and thoughts of someone like an interception,

The other searches for plans to find the objective,

"But objection, order in the court!", one would say to that,

"You're no different from me." 

Baffled by the statement, I stared them in the eyes and said,

"The difference between you and I, I see things from two perspectives."


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