Flawless Pursuit

Thu, 01/29/2015 - 19:25 -- gjgragg


I am flawless because of my dedication
To education.
Working hard and staying late is not some simple equation,
Just a lack of procrastination.

I've been told I can't,
That I'm too "late to the party"
But I know I'll prove to everyone.
Even if it means I'm a tad bit tardy.

Sometimes I think,
"If this goal is possible why is failure around every corner?"
If I can make it, why am I lost in this horror?
Wait, wait, just think positive, don't dwell on the former.

Sometimes in failure I stumble and fall
 Grinding and pushing, I'm not moving at all.
Scared and confused, I need a "success" map
But one thing will never change, I will wear that graduation cap.


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