Flawless--Point one Percent

Seven billion billion billion atoms in  the human body.

Each one, creating a different part of a DNA sequence;

that makes us different by point one percent.

You are ninety nine point nine pecent me, 

and I am ninety nine point nine percent you.

You are nothing but a simple flaw in the genitic puzzle of humanity.

Yet, this imperfection in the genetic code, makes us eternal.

Somehow this genetic difference of point one percent,

Makes you feel, speak, observe and intereract completely different than me.

This point one percent has given us the ability to travel to the moon, 

to lead nations, and has furthured our understanding of all we know that exists.

Exery different aspect of yourself from the point one percent,

makes you have no flaw. Through originallity we obtain infallibility.

You are point one percent completely different than me.




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