Flawless People


What makes a person flawless?

Is it the way a person acts?

Gliding across the Earth,

Like a goddess?

Or is it the way a person speaks?

Harmonizing to children,

LIke an angel?

Is it the way a person dresses?

With piercings pricked into their young bodies?

Or is it the way a person looks?

With extra limbs attached to them by God?

Is it the way you look at them?

Like an unfaithful husband?

Swinging from vine to vine,

to look for a new mistress.

Like a person with Tourettes?

Speaking with words that they

Cannot fully understand.

Like that wealthy friend of yours?

Wearing suits to a small

Get together with his friends.

Like a model with clear skin?

Who uses her wealth to make

What she thinks is perfection.

Or is it because we love them?

In our eyes all we see

Is perfection, Flawless People


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I got the chills while reading this... Great work! :)

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