Flawless? No such thing

What is that word you speak of?
In my small world of life
There is no such thing
Sure I have my flawless things
But to say I have no flaws
Would be to say I am never angry
Never curse in my head
Or strike out with a harsh tongue
Don’t get me wrong
I have my flawless aspects
Everyone does
I am flawless at my photography
It’s beautiful
Elements and all
I know what looks good
By just one glance at my camera screen
I know what light should go where
What subject to dare photograph
I make no effort
Its comes to me as math comes to mathematicians
It comes like the wind in the trees
And fire in a blaze
As water in a waterfall
As the earth growing grass and flowers
That is my flawless aspect
My photography is as natural as wind, fire, earth, and water
I never use Photoshop or other editing programs
I never deter to such things
For I am in no need of them
Everything else in my life is a flaw
Flawless, there is no such thing
Everything has their flaws
My photography has flaws
I take the same photo a million times
End up with too many good ones
When all I need is one brilliant one
If I were totally flawless at it all I would need is just one
Not a billion
You see to focus on the good is great
But to not focus on the flaws at the same time
Would be a disaster
Like a hurricane made of fire
Like wind made of earth
Like water made of wind
Flawless? No such thing


Stormie Shadle

Copyright: Image by Stormie Shadle (me)

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