Flawless Imperfection


Dishonest, impolite, impatient, disrespectful, boastful - 

A litany that continues.

Not caring or sharing with anyone - 

Flawless at being imperfect.

The story of when the hook

Was a jab in his or her side,

Or the stab in the back

As betrayal derails

A friendship.

The mastering of

The perfection of flaws.

A tall tale of robbers

And squabblers

Who feed greed.

Is it hard to be imperfect?

Is there a need to walk a tight rope

To achieve not walking a tight rope?

Is it necessary, to walk on the curved broad road,

That one must walk on the straight and narrow?

Must one labor day and night

To create an imperfect work?

Not at all.

The perfection of imperfection - 

The flawless flaws -

flawless imperfection.


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