Flawless in Flaw


United States
37° 58' 54.2604" N, 84° 29' 7.8252" W

Perfection staring, hope fading away.

Smile flipped, I give up forever.

I’m not flawless, I was a mess today.

Broadcasting, magazines, skinny, never.

Shut up, shut up, I’m not a perfect girl.

Glitter, makeup, hairspray, choking me out.

Perfection, Flawless, my heads in a swirl.

I shut down. I fall into hopeless doubt.

But when I look up, I see messy hair.

A tear stained face, smiling, lets out a shout.

The fear, the rejection, has stopped its stare.

My heart is now open to a new light.

The tears are gone, the pain is behind me.

I am Flawless and that’s perfect to be.


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