Flawless as can be

To understand me you must start from the tips of my size 12 feet

Stretch five feet and eight inches and the top of my head you’ll meet

My scrawny legs to larger thighs

The look too strange together to abide

Upon these legs that are so slim

Stretch marks stretch into tiger stripes and will not be dimmed

Next you will meet a slightly protruded belly

That wiggles when you smack it, like jelly

Hips so bony there is no curve

No shape like pear or apple will it serve

From a belly button that sticks out to my bony shoulders

You will meet long arms that are skinny but challenge the strength of a boulder

Next is my face with a big nose, big lips, and slightly slanted eyes

With a gap toothed smile that takes many by surprise

My body is strong, made to withstand

Hair that will not meet any instant-hair growth demands

My body has many times been compared to a tree

But it’s not hurtful; it’s actually a compliment you see

Trees are a beautiful part of nature, helping make it complete

So to the judgmental world, please take a seat

If nature is beautiful and I am a tree

Then my long awkward body is as flawless as can be


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