You been through it all

Hiding dirt stains

Under the make up of your new self

Ring your body out and there is nothing

Because your emotions are ran dry

And now that it is all cover you think you are made flawless

Trying to forget the old you

And that you is the only you I see

Like supervision

And that is flawless

But still you are trying to crawl

Like the hopeless dog

Who might as well give it all...up

And he watches helplessy

While your eyes hang low

From the pain over the years

That you think you can't hold anymore

Any minute you are ready to shut those

Beautiful brown eyes and give it all up

But you don't have an obligation to clutch on to the pain forever

Your brother and sister had pain

You are the only one

I want to levitate your mind

Like super powers

No kryptonite can stop me

From being your superman

Now that's super love

Cuase when you look in that beautiful mind

You are flawless

Cover of vogue

And that mind I will carefully hold

To make sure you never feel that pain again.

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Our world
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