Perfection, Symmetry, and smoothness..

I am not those things.

I am flawed, scared, and rugged.

My skin is translucent. 

Blue veins on my wrists intertwining. 

Flowing through my body.

My emotions are not transparent.

They can't see the blue just below the surface.

Something so vital, sitting underneath my skin.

My mind races.

When I release that blue from my skin,

They still can't see it.

My blood changes.

It's interior can never show on my exterior.

Red drips and drips.

My tendency is to hide that interior.

The blue is mine, and it is me.

The red is what they do to me.

My self esteem copes.

I must let people see my metaphorical interior,

Stop changing myself on the exterior..

..and except myself.

Being flawless, ha.

I am all of my flaws.

They are just as beautiful.


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