I. Am. Flawless.

Maybe not to you, or him or her 

but to me.

I. Am. Flawless.

I dance my heart out,

I never sit and pout.

I. Am. Flawless.

I study hard,

and never forget to write a thank you card.

I. Am. Flawless.

I have seen the world, 

fifteen countries to be exact.

Now who in their right mind could compete with that?

I. Am. Flawless.

I am kind to all

no matter how big or small

I. Am. Flawless.

My style is sheek

and my moves are sleek.

I. Am. Flawless.

I am college bound

and ready to dive into life.


I. Am. Flawless.

However, I could not be this way

had my mother gone astray.

She raised me right all on her own

Strongest woman I have ever known.

Because of her my life is bright,

and with her guidance, my future is in sight.

I. Am. Flawless.

And it is thanks to my single mother.

She taught me to believe in not you or her him but myself

and that my friend, can make anyone flawless.


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