Tue, 12/02/2014 - 14:44 -- mskeels

My hair is ratty

my teeth are stained

My stomach is chubby

and my nails break.

My butt is wide 

and my legs have hair that's full grown.


Her hair is short

and messily styled.

She has straight teeth

and the most gorgeous smile.

Her stomach is flat

but her body has curves.

She's not perfect 

but she is the closest we will ever know.


He has pimples on his face

he has braces on his teeth.

His har is long and messy

His wardrobe isn't neat.

He has some big muscles

but they aren't very toned.


He's what you call a hottie

big muscles everywhere.

And he has pretty eyes

short, close cropped hair.

But his nose is slightly larger

and he has to wear glasses.


Your body isn't perfect

you don't need me to tell you that.

You have some fat

you have some acne.


Your hair doesn't behave for you

It won't curl, or go straight.

Your smile is slightly crooked

but it looks great to me.


No one is perfect

but we have one thing in common:

when we fogoe the issues

and learn to love ourselves,

that is when we all become



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