Sun, 11/23/2014 - 18:49 -- 1001635

Here I am with you over there

standing up straight with curlers in your hair

your perfect skin and smile shine bright

how long did it take you to look that nice

what chemicals did you drench your skin

only to emanate the beauty within

you smudge your makeup when you shed a tear

punchering your fifth hole in your ear

the ribs on your stomach are shown

only for your skinniness to be known

the boy you like isn't good enough for you

even if you don't think that's true

if he hits you it won't hurt

'cause lonliness would hurt worse

all the makeup in the world won't cover the marks

from the terrible stains from other people's remarks

you have to put out or unless

he'll definitely love you less

it's all that you've known

to act so flawless


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