Mon, 11/10/2014 - 23:40 -- OhMyJo

I am flawless because I am brave.

Brave because I wasn’t scared at 19 to leave home for a month

            For a foreign country on my own.

Brave because I left to another country a year later at 20

            This time I didn’t speak the language.

Brave because I am not afraid to tell my crush that I like him

            And that I have liked him for some time.

Brave because I will tell him, regardless of his reaction

            Because I will have closure once I do.

Brave because I throw myself head first when I decide something

            No matter what it is, I will finish it.

Brave because I am normally cautious

            And I know that being overly cautious means I’m not living.

Brave because sometimes I have to be.

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