Sat, 11/15/2014 - 21:47 -- MYoung


United States Minor Outlying Islands

I am inherently by birth a flawed creature

I was born from the earth with my mother's heart and my father's features

Raised in the darkness just as a lotus would drive forth from the dirt to the heavens above

I too will defiantly dare to shed the confines of my enviroment with hopes of beyond

My determination is bound only by the finite hours of the day, but no!

I am not an invincible locomotive nor an impenetrable fortress

Simply a man of principle who navigates against the wind in a ship that only knows forward

I am not flawless as you would consider an immaculate diamond

but I am flawless as a piece of granite that has endured through every climate

I have been forged to perfection in the fires of adversity

not made flawless by the gentle hands of artistry

My failures are my teacher

For sucess I am an endless reacher

but at last, I am inherently by birth a flawed yet perfect creature


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