I am perfectly flawed

From my head to my toe

Im not perfect and no one is

But I know my worth  

And I'm proud of who I am and of what I do

I cant say that I always knew because I used to try to change, to rearrange

To fit in with my peers and try to be what people expected of me

But little did I know that I was only hurting myself, there was a beautiful part of me that I couldn't see 

I learned to accept my flaws which is way easier said than done

Im not the only one that struggle with my own twisted view, of god's grand design

The most well put together people are the ones with things they try to hide

They fake it to make it, and for what?... to never be able to accept themselves

Hiding behind the make up, shaking off their insecurities

Learning to grow and show your capabilities to the world is apart of life

Your dreams are bursting at the seams 

Cut the ties that bind the things that you try to hide

I am Flawesome and so are you

Awesomely Flawed 

That is human nature and design

And God knew what he was doing

See it doesn't matter what people think

It doesnt take a magnifying glass to see, that there are parts of me that aren't perfect

But to me, I shine, don't you see, you shine too, we all shine

Don't hide, Embrace

Be Flawesome!


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