Flawed Gems


you know

how hard it is to

find a gem that is truly

completely flawless? Why do

think flawless gems are so expensive?

Because the probability of finding a gem that

doesn't have a single flaw is so incredibly small that

usually they just cut around the flaws and make a smaller

ring. People are just the same. We expect that, when we get one

they are going to be perfect, flawless, crystal clear, and when they don't

have these qualities, we tend to cut around it, and look only at the parts

of them that are, in fact, perfect. But here's the thing about flawless

gems and flawless people; they are all exactly the same. Every

atom connected the same way, throwing the light the

same on the velvet cushions we place them on.

They may vary in size and color, but there

are only so many of those to choose

from. Nothing is new, nothing

can vary at all. Yes, they're

 beautiful, but of just

 one kind




am    not

a   flawless gem.

When I was     forming

the   atoms didn't all line up

perfectly. I can't    refract the light

upon the velvet cushion like       those

other gems    can. You cannot cut those flaws

out or shape me so they can't be seen. They      are 

there. They make me me.      I am a flawed gem.     But this

Does not          define my beauty. Perhaps my            pieces don't

align as people think they should. Perhaps I have glitches,

 pieces of me that contradict the rest of         me,

 pieces of me that make the rest of me unclear,

pieces of me that even a child could

tell do not look     like the rest.

But      that is not a

flaw.    It's a



The gift of being unique.



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