Flawed Flawlessness


I am flawless
Because I am not perfect
My body is riddled with imperfections
Ones I was born with
Ones that have come to be
Ones I gained like battle scars 
Marks etched into my shield
I will not be ashamed
For I have won these scars
These weaknesses make me strong
My flaws make me flawless
Every line, every curve is where it is supposed to be
All of my fault lines, cracks
I am not perfect
I am flawless
Because I am trying
I am failing
Falling, tripping, stumbling
My path is not smooth
But I continue to walk
I stand back up and move forward
I am ashes reborn
Flames ignited
New leaves on the once bare branches
What once was nothing is now everything
I sit in the dark forgetting what the sun even looks like
And yet I sleep and trust that this is not the end of me
I hope
I am trying
I am flawless 
Because I am me
I am living, breathing, being
Imperfect, with room to grow
Ashes ignited
Trying, trusting
A soul that once dug into the soil to hide
Now rooted in the essence of me
The ‘me’ which is untouched, untainted, unbroken
The ‘me’ that is flawless


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